How an experienced labrador mother teaches her 8 weeks old puppies to be calm
  • 10.01.2021
  • 3516

The moment she barked, I got up from bed and prepared for school...

Labrador Puppies First Time Swimming!!!
  • 06.01.2021
  • 2157

We've been working so hard these last six months to create our own online pet store, and the day is finally here! Thanks to all of our fans, viewers, and supporters, it wouldn't be possible without y'all! This is merely the beginning, our next venture will be adding Life With Labrador merchandise and other accessories to the store. Who wants snazzy "Chief" Shirt? πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈπŸ˜

Labrador Retriever Dog and Baby Compilation
  • 04.01.2021
  • 1816

Labrador Retriever dogs love babies and here you can find some special heartwarming moments that show the true nature of these adorable dogs!

Funny Labradors Compilation
  • 03.01.2021
  • 1386

Check out these funny labradors videos. Adorable labs don't let their owners to get bored!

Labrador Dog Hates Bathing And Does Everything To Avoid It (Cutest Doggo!)
  • 01.01.2021
  • 1534

Some dogs are not very fond of bathing just like max and if its upto them they would never bath ever in their life , mud bath is a different thing.

5 Week Old Labs throw a fit about nap time...but eventually gave in!
  • 28.12.2020
  • 2371

Little Rascal's Wind Down for Naptime...

Labrador Dog and Baby Playing Compilation
  • 27.12.2020
  • 1480

Check out these cute and funny labrador and baby videos. It’s no secret that labrador retriever are a great family dog, protective and will watch over your baby continually – especially when you can't.

Tiniest Kitten Grows Up Pouncing On Her 115-Pound Lab Brother | The Dodo Odd Couples
  • 26.12.2020
  • 651

Dog: β€œThat’s a cute little cat. I shall let it do its thing.” Cat: β€œIn a matter of weeks I shall own that dog. And this house.”

Labrador Puppy Love In The Car
  • 24.12.2020
  • 1584

What a beautiful dog inside and out. Very well trained and obviously highly intelligent.

Funny Labradors Compilation NEW
  • 23.12.2020
  • 2365

I like this breed of dog because they are funny and loyal :)))

4 Year Old Madalyn gets Surprised with a Black Lab Puppy
  • 22.12.2020
  • 2429

Nicole and I got her the puppy (Rapunzel is her name which is Maddie's favorite Princess) just before her 4th birthday. We told her one night that we had a surprise waiting for her at home.

Labrador Puppies First Check-Up!!
  • 21.12.2020
  • 816

Its officially time to say β€œwhat’s up doc?!”

5 Funny Things my Labrador Retriever does everyday
  • 21.12.2020
  • 2440

Zazu our Labrador Retriever has some really funny and weird habits. We absolutely love him and love his quirky personality. In this video we will show you a few of the funniest things that he does everyday. 5 Funny Things my Labrador Retriever does everyday

Labrador Dog and Baby Compilation
  • 19.12.2020
  • 2247

Cute babies playing with labrador dogs and this dogs meeting babies for the first time. Also babies love playing with dogs. That dad in second clip is having some happiest moment of his life A dog never barks at baby,a baby never gets scared from dog,they,both give each other attention,#a natural connectiom